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Thai foods is a prominent name in industry enlisted among reputed Exporters and Suppliers of wide variety of products. Potential buyers can place orders for quality approved Frozen chicken, chicken wings, chicken feets and fresh chicken eggs. We use highly-reliable packaging alternatives in order to eliminate risk of unfavorable conditions to consignment.

We are a quality conscious entity with our ultimate focus being on ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied. We have employed a team of experienced professionals to oversee the entire product processing, packaging and dispatch systems. We have established a formidable reputation in the market as suppliers and exporters of a wide range of quality products.

Our farm was awarded for Outstanding Accomplishment in Organic Farming & The Leader in Organic Farming and Health Care in Thailand By UNITED NATIONS (UN), 2003, The Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Free Range

Our Mother Chickens are Free Range, meaning that they are not caged, having freedom to roam around freely in a large enclosed barn area as opposed to the commonly used caged factory farms, which confine Mother Chickens in a small cage allowing for limited movements.

In caged factory farms, only the Mother Chicken’s heads are allowed outside of the cage to peck feed. Cages, which can be single or multiple floors, are packed and stacked close to each other to maximize space utilization. In caged factory, Mother Chickens treated in captivity is not the right way to take care of her. We believe that in caged factory condition, Mother Chickens’ immunity system is weakened, and so they must heavily rely on many types of drugs, medication and hormone to enhance their immunity.

For Free Range condition, Mother Chickens can roam freely so they get sufficient exercise and live as mother nature created them, therefore, becoming healthy on their own. Our Mother Chickens are not stressful, thus, having a balanced hormonal level. Several researches suggest that stressed animals produce excessive hormones in their body which can pose greater risks of cancer for themselves and the consumers who eat them.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Brown Chicken Eggs</span>
Brown Chicken Eggs
Fresh brown chicken eggs for sale. 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">White Chicken Eggs</span>
White Chicken Eggs
Fresh white chicken eggs for sale.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Quail Eggs</span>
Quail Eggs
Fresh quail eggs for sale.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Grade A+ Frozen Chicken</span>
Grade A+ Frozen Chicken
Frozen chicken for sale.
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Dear Sirs, we wish to extend our gratitude to your company for meeting our demand. Your eggs are indeed grate and the sizes permit us to sell very quick.
Your service is incredible. We received our last shipment quicker than we expected and for that we are happy. I on behalf of our company applaud Thai Foods.